The best 4 Senseo coffee maker | Simple guide

The best 4 Senseo coffee maker: The purchase of a Senseo can become a real puzzle as the offer is so abundant. The Philips Senseo coffee maker exists in several versions and colors. The task is not easy. How then to find your way around and choose the machine you need? makes the point by offering a complete comparison of Senseo and a guide that lists the criteria that allow you to choose the coffee maker that suits you best.

We’ll take a look at:

The best 4 Senseo coffee maker | Simple guide
Philips Senseo Quadrant

The Philips Senseo Quadrant differs from other Senseo machines as soon as you look at it. Its solid design, which has become more square overall, will not fail to seduce those who love coffee makers. It is appreciated as much for its external appearance as for its qualities. The metallic parts on the spout and cup rest have a lot to do with its charming appearance! It is with its bar coffee machine look that it will take the best place in your kitchen.

Its visual assets are supported by practical technological finishes. In addition to the cup rest, which can easily hold 2 cups, and which can be raised or lowered depending on the size of your cups, the big water tank is also a good innovation: it slides easily out of its housing and has a good grip thanks to its integrated handle. It can also stand on its own. And more than that, a decalcification indicator is installed right there so that you can’t forget to decalcify. If you still need to find advantages, it’s simple: it prepares 2 cups in less than a minute, stopwatch in hand, and with a minimum of decibels. All the coffee has to do is rustle at the bottom of the cups and exhale its fragrances without a terrible hubbub. Not forgetting that with its 3 buttons, it is very easy to use.

For cleaning, the Senseo Quadrante can be easily disassembled to stay always at the top of its natural elegance. All Senseo soft pods are suitable for use with the Senseo Quadrante.

With its modern and classy design, this Senseo Quadrante is perfect for lovers of beautiful coffee machines. It becomes more than just a coffee machine as its finishes make it a contemporary object to proudly display as well as to enjoy for long or shorter coffees.


  •     Intensity selector
  •     Preparation of 2 cups at the same time
  •     Adjustable cup rest
  •     Automatic shutdown
  •     Speed of preparation


  •     Descaling is not so simple
  •     Not suitable for lovers of strong coffees.
  •     Very little foam once the coffee has arrived in the cup


After having scrutinized it from top to bottom, our opinion and test of the Senseo Quadrant lead us to the conclusion that this soft pod coffee machine from Philips is one of the best in its category both in terms of visuals and positive features. To look at, to use as well as to clean, it deserves a good place in your home.

Original Senseo

The definition of the Original Senseo from Philips sometimes also known as the Classic Senseo is simple at all times. As much in its pure cylindrical design as in its ease of use, this soft pod coffee machine has been seducing coffee lovers for years.

The curves and rounded edges perfectly define the Senseo Classic right down to the cup holder. The reservoir can be easily removed and replaced on the back of the machine. The individual parts can be easily disassembled for quick and thorough cleaning.

No difficulty to use it since only 3 buttons are located on the front of the cup rest: the central start button is also used to know when the water temperature is right, the button for one cup, and the button for two cups. What could be easier?

In addition to this general accessibility, the Senseo Original is a quick one: your coffee is ready in less than a minute with a very fast preheating time too. It is available in several colors to fit in the heart of your kitchen without denoting it. Finally, since Senseo would not exist without this first successful coffee machine, it accommodates all the soft pods to diversify your coffee moments alone or in pairs.

The Classic Senseo is aimed at coffee lovers who do not feel the need to spend a lot of money on their coffee machine. The Senseo Original is also perfect for those who don’t need a futuristic design to decorate their kitchen, it fits into any decor without being noticed while serving an equally successful coffee.


  •     Good value for money
  •     Simple to use
  •     Preparation of 2 cups at the same time
  •     Compatible with a large number of pods


  •     Lack of pressure
  •     Not suitable for lovers of strong coffees.
  •     Noise during use
  •     Very little foam once the coffee has arrived in the cup


To get a real idea of all the advantages of the Classic Senseo, nothing better than to complete your curiosity with our opinion and test of the Original Senseo. It is total testing as well as the results of its work will confirm your first impression of this simple coffee machine that will be appreciated with each cup delivered.

Senseo Viva Café

The Senseo Viva Café from Philips is the one that will bring color to your home. If its size is a little smaller than its big sister the Senseo Classic, it is its multiple colors and its latest technical innovations that will make you adopt it for sure.

Available in sparkling colors, the Senseo Viva Café has the recognizable design of the firstborn. Its strengths lie in its qualities that you can’t do without. A height-adjustable metal spout ensures that all your cups are securely placed underneath. An indicator light that reminds you when it’s time to decalcify. For the Senseo Viva Café top of the range, you will be offered the possibility to choose a long or short coffee. All in less than 2 minutes, including preheating the water.

Since it is the sister of the Senseo Original, the Senseo Viva Café resembles it like two drops of water for its simplicity of use with its clear and precise functions as well as the ease of maintenance with its components that are easy to disassemble and to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. This coffee machine can be fitted with all the soft pods on the market to enjoy all types of coffee.

With an average price that is very reasonable compared to others in its class, the Senseo Viva Café is perfect for coffee lovers who don’t need or want to go broke with a machine that stands up to the test of time like a big one. Its simplicity of design combined with its various colors is the main asset to make it adopted by all those who do not want to complicate their life by putting fun in the decor of their kitchen.


  •     Speed
  •     Adjustable spout
  •     Descaling indicator
  •     Instant start and preparation
  •     Aroma booster


  •     Automatic shutdown after only 30 minutes


We had to try this soft pod machine to find out what it was made of. Pretty and simple at first glance, it showed that it could perform the functions presented by Philips in real life. That’s why, if you were still hesitating before buying it, our opinion and test of the Senseo Viva café will tell you all the secrets. From its strong points to its ability to deliver a good coffee, everything is possible.

Senseo Switch 2 in 1

Like most coffee machines signed by Philips, the Senseo Switch 2 in 1 has a modern and elegant design. Available in several colors, it has a well-optimized size. This is both a good point for its appearance and its use. Intended for family use, this coffeemaker can make up to 7 cups in filter mode and 2 cups at a time in Senseo pod mode. It offers a preparation time of 30 seconds for one cup with a capacity of 10 cups in total (for a 1-liter water tank). However, if you choose to use a filter coffee maker, the preparation time can be as long as 9 minutes.

Note that the Senseo Switch 2 in 1 is the first coffee maker with a 2 in 1 function. It is operated at the touch of a button and maintenance is virtually simple to perform. Of course, it will need to be descaled from time to time. But with the descaling indicator integrated into the machine, this is easier to do. Especially since almost all parts of the machine are removable (filter holder, cup holder, water tank).


  •     2 in 1 function
  •     Quality finish
  •     Removable parts
  •     Easy to use
  •     Easy maintenance
  •     High tank capacity


  •     Slightly slow brewing time for filter coffee maker
  •     Inexpensive


The Senseo Switch 2 in 1 is an excellent appliance for large families who like to make coffee. Its 2 in 1 function makes it unique and also makes it more convenient to use. We also particularly appreciate quick and easy maintenance. However, we would have liked the preparation time for the filter coffee maker to be faster so that we can better enjoy its dual function.


The size of the home

If you buy a Senseo, it is above all to meet your family’s coffee needs. It is therefore normal to first consider the capacity of the tank. For a large family with several coffee drinkers, you should choose a model with a large capacity. Typically, Senseo has a tank with an average of 6 cups. This is the case for the Senseo Viva Café and the Senseo Latte Duo. But if you want more, you can also choose the Senseo Quadrante, which has a reservoir of 8 cups. Better still, Philips’ newborn Senseo Switch 2 in 1 has a 10-cup reservoir, which is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a whole family of coffee drinkers.

Pod compatibility 

This is also a key point to consider when buying a coffee machine. It is not advisable to choose a model with few pods, even if it is a good design or a high-performance model. Fortunately, the Senseo is among the best on this point. Among the great assets of this type of coffee maker, we will indeed mention in particular its compatibility with all Senseo pods, but also those of other brands. Whatever Senseo you choose, pod compatibility is not a problem. You can buy the ones you want according to your tastes and needs.

The price

Before buying a coffee machine, a certain budget is usually planned. This is why the price is also a significant criterion when choosing a Senseo. Everyone has his budget and logic dictates that you buy the model that corresponds to it. For the particular case of the Senseo, there is a wide variety of models to choose from depending on the price. For those with a limited budget, the Senseo Original or the Senseo Viva Café will suit them perfectly. These are “low cost” models from Philips. Their price generally starts from 69 euros, but it depends of course on the store you go to.

However, for those who are looking for more interesting models and are willing to pay more, the Senseo Quadrante and the newcomer Senseo Switch 2 in 1 will satisfy them. With the performance and functionality offered by these two high-end machines, you can only be satisfied with your choice. Finally, it should be pointed out here that cost is not the only factor! Maintenance costs must also be taken into account. Some models require much more maintenance than others.


The last few drops

How to make a long coffee with Senseo?

The Senseo coffee machine is also much faster than conventional machines. You can make one or two cups of coffee at a time, small or large and it goes fast. For a large coffee (200 ml) or two small ones, you need to insert 2 coffee pods into the machine at a time.

Why is there foam in the Senseo coffee?

Why is there foam in the Senseo coffee?
There is foam on the coffee. “The foam on the coffee prepared with a Senseo pod is created by pressurizing the brewed coffee. The foam is thus produced by the machine regardless of the pod. Some Senseo pod machines do not have a pressurized filter and therefore do not produce any foam.

How to make a Senseo coffee without a machine?

Use a pan. Put the ground coffee and water in a small saucepan. Stir the mixture a little to make it homogeneous. Use about one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every 250 ml of water added.

What is the price of a Senseo coffeemaker?

How much does a Senseo cost? The recommended retail price (i.e. the one announced by the manufacturer) of a Senseo machine varies from 50 to 160 $. However, on online stores (Amazon, Darty, or others), it is often possible to find each model a little less expensive than this recommended price.

How to descale a Senseo?

Fill the tank of your Senseo half full with cold water. Fill half of the tank with white vinegar. If you are using a descaling agent for coffee machines, dilute it according to the doses indicated on the packaging. Place a container under the drain unit of the machine.


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