Own a coffee tree. For real.

Hey, you can click on the link below to purchase one of the four thousand trees. Once they’re gone they’re gone! ( Wow this sounded less like a sofa ad in my head. )

LINK: https://www.paddyandscotts.co.uk/products/meru-farm-project-box

Welcome to the Meru Farm Project.
For more information about the crusade please check out our kick-ass website: https://www.paddyandscotts.co.uk/our-…

One farm, four thousand members.

There’s something magical about being part of a project that’s completely unique. A collective of coffee enthusiasts each owning a tree on the estate. Revolutionising how you buy your coffee. It’s never been done before, but that’s never stopped us.

A movie by Paddy & Scott’s
Created by Henry Russell
Produced by HRussellMedia: hrussellmedia.co.uk

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