Now accepting moderator applications for /r/Starbucks!

Hey /r/Starbucks! What a wild few months for us all!

We’ve seen tremendous growth in our subscriber count and community activity, as well as growing pains. To keep it short, we’ve communicated with the Reddit Admins about a few internal topics that revolve around the moderation team. We’ve since had successfully resolved the issues, and It was also further evident that we need extra hands to help grow and sustain everyone here at /r/Starbucks!

Initially, moderator applications were supposed to be announced in September, but they had to be pushed back due to circumstances outside my control. So I’ll be the first to apologize if your experience here at /r/Starbucks has been an unpleasant one for the last few months! I’m here to help push for a new standard and experience that allows for ALL of you to enjoy your time here.

As mentioned in the title, moderator applications are now open! Please fill out the application form below to be considered. Please note, the application form will be closing on the 31st of this month.

Application Form:

Thank you for your interest!

Edit: To keep this thread on topic, if you have any questions regarding the situation that transpired, please do message the mod team. You’ll find the link in the sidebar. Also, there have been amazing applications submitted, wish I had more spots open – It’ll be hard to choose!

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