Nitro Cold Brew Shake • One take tutorial.

This is a Chevron Shake. For all you designated drivers out there who have had enough of sipping a coke and waiting for the night to end. We have created a luxuriously smooth, ridiculously creamy, caffeine boosted milkshake for you to indulge.

With Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee giving you the energy to get your friends home safe after a night out.

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This video was made in collaboration with the Forge Kitchen.

The recipe…

You will need:
2oz chocolate sauce
25ml vanilla syrup
50ml full milk (can swap out for anything but almond milk)
Half can of nitro
5 ice cubes


Decant into a Collins (tall glass)

Homemade Chantilly to top with chocolate popping candy, it’s an expensive garnish and not that common. Hot chocolate power will work also.

Created for Paddy & Scott’s –

Starring Daniel Webb.

Created by Henry Russell

Produced by HRussellMedia &

Music by Dusk w

Stay Fuelled.

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