Nitro Cold Brew Cold Fashioned Cocktail • One take tutorial.

This is a Sexy Black Nitro Cold Fashioned. With the luxuriously smooth Sexy Black nitro cold brew adding a caffeine kick to this cocktail constitution who could say no.

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This video was made in collaboration with the Forge Kitchen.

The recipe…

You will need:
100ml Nitro cold brew.
30ml Kahlua.
15ml fresh lemon juice.
15ml passionfruit juice.
10ml Gomme.
Orange (for zest).

Shaker, Hawthorne strainer & measuring vessel.

Step one.
Chill a whisky tumbler & place ice in a shaker.

Step two.
Add 30ml Kahlua to shaker.
Add 15ml fresh lemon juice to a shaker.
Add 15ml passionfruit juice to a shaker.
Add 10ml Gomme to a shaker.

Step three.
Shake vigorously for 10 -30 seconds.

Step four.
Filter through a Hawthorne strainer.

Step five.
Top with Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew.

Step six.
Orange zest to garnish and two sip straws.

Created for Paddy & Scott’s –

Starring Daniel Webb.

Created by Henry Russell

Produced by HRussellMedia &

Music by moonglow

Stay Fuelled.

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