Nitro Cold Brew Christmas Cocktail • One take tutorial.

The perfect Christmas Cocktail. So you can stay warm on those cold nights, party on with a caffeine kick from the ridiculously smooth Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee. A festive drink for the bold.

Order Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew:

This video was made in collaboration with the Forge Kitchen.

The recipe…

You will need:
125ml Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee.
15ml coffee liqueur (kahula).
15ml VS cognac (Hennessey).
15ml Orange liqueur(cointreau).
15ml gomme (2:1 sugar and boiling water).
Slice of Chocolate orange.
The zest/peel of an orange.

Build in a milk jug and steam wand for roughly 20secs (hot to the touch).

Decant into preferably an enamel vessel (or teacup).

Homade chantilly cream as a garnish (or store bought).

3:1 milk and whipping cream (double cream).
30ml vanilla syrup.
Charge with 2 n20 canisters

Dust with lots of Orange zest and a wedge of Orange chocolate ( Terrys etc).

Two sip straws , but as you saw they could melt , recommend a spork typed straw.

Created for Paddy & Scott’s –

Starring Daniel Webb.

Created by Henry Russell

Produced by HRussellMedia &

Music by Mittensさん

Stay Fuelled.


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