Jord Coffee Watch Review “The Original Coffee Watch”

Have you ever seen a watch made out of coffee? No, neither have I until I stumbled across this gem of a timepiece.

The Jord coffee watch is a thing of beauty, and I can honestly say that it was love at first sight. I just had to get my hands on one, being the coffee fanatic that I am.

The limited-run watch is the brainchild of St. Louis timepiece maker Jord (pronounced Yord, like Fjord without the F). With Kaldi’s coffee’s guiding hand (whose signature goat logo features on the watch face), the two teams put their heads together to produce this limited run 40mm watch.

So, what makes this Barista coffee watch so unique?

For starters, the watch contains real roasted coffee beans that have undergone a laborious 96-hour infusion process. This involves the coffee beans roasting, cooling, and hardening under vacuum, all done while submerged in an activated resin bath – also known as “RIST – Resin-Infusion Stabilization Technology.”

The end result reveals crystal clear resin housed within the outer edge of the brushed bronze steel core frame that resembles coffee beans suspended in ice.

Coffee beans infused in resin

Nothing has been overlooked in the overall design of the watch. The natural watch strap, for example, has been manufactured from a cork infused “vegan leather” – I didn’t even know that was a “thing.” The earthy, roasty-brown colors with the rich hues and visible grain patterns really complement the watch’s design.

Jord Coffee Watch strap

Aside from the infused coffee beans and natural cork strap, I love the extra thought that went into the “roasting inspired” watch dial. If you look carefully, you will notice six cut bars representing the various color changes a coffee bean undergoes during the complete roasting process. It’s the little attention to detail, like this, that makes this watch stand out!

Jord Coffee Watch dial

If you’re stuck looking for that perfect gift for your partner who loves coffee, I can’t recommend the JORD coffee watch enough – it is a thing of beauty that anyone who enjoys a decent cup of coffee will appreciate. Simply put, it’s “a collector’s edition timepiece for the coffee lover.”

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