How to make a Sexy Black N&B.

This is a Sexy Black Nitro & Brockmans.

How do you improve on the archetypal classic that is the Gin & Tonic. Well, by switching out the tonic for some Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee.

With the ridiculously smooth Sexy Black adding a caffeine kick to Brockmans premium Gin. who could say no to a Sexy Black N&B.

A post modern cocktail.

Order Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew:

This video was made in collaboration with The Mill Hotel.
The Mill:

The recipe…

You will need:
50ml Brockmans premium gin.
200ml Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee.

Fill an extremely tall glass with Ice.

Add 50ml of Brockmans premium gin and allow to settle.

Top with 200ml of Paddy & Scott’s Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee.

Allow Nitrogen to cascade throughout the glass.

Garnish with a raspberry.

Created for Paddy & Scott’s –

Starring Jodie Gardner.

Created by Henry Russell

Produced by HRussellMedia &

Music by Kendall Miles

Stay Fuelled.

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