How to make a Nitro Martini • One take tutorial.

Our new take on the classic ‘espresso martini’ using Paddy & Scott’s Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Craft Coffee.

Our Nitro Cold Brew will be available from our shop very soon so stay tuned.

This video was made in collaboration with the Forge Kitchen.

The recipe…

You will need:
100ml Nitro cold brew.
50ml Vodka.
15ml Coffee liqueur.
10ml Sugar syrup.

Shaker, strainer, fine strainer & measuring vessel.

Step one.
Chill a 300ml martini glass & place ice in shaker.

Step two.
Add 15ml coffee liqueur to shaker.
Add 50ml vodka to shaker. Add 10ml sugar syrup to shaker.
Add 50-100ml of Nitro cold brew to shaker.

Step three.
Shake vigorously for 10 -30 seconds.

Step four.
Filter through both a standard & fine strainer.

Step five.
Garnish with three coffee beans.

Created for Paddy & Scott’s

Starring Dan (The Legend)

Created by Henry Russell

Produced by HRussellMedia

Music by Matty Muncey

Stay Fuelled.

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